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How do i come in contact with Tornvinga Hundcenter?

Under "contact" is all the information you need to get in touch with me! You can also find me on several social medias channels, such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

How do i book a course/training ?

Under "Book Online" all the available courses and training sessions are listed. You can book through this website or by calling me on: 070-5910231. 

I haven´t gotten any booking confirmation email?

Sometimes, technology messes with us. Contact me or check your spam folder. 

What to do if we cant go to a booked course?

If your dog can’t go to a planned course, you can come by yourself and take notes and listen for training at home. If you can’t go, I will send you the exercises in notes, so you don't miss anything. 


You can choose to pay via swish or BG. Message: Course+Your Name. 

Ex. Private Training Hanna Matsson

Swish: 070-5910231



A registered booking is binding. A registered booking means that you have booked the course and payed for it. Before your payment, you are only preliminary booked and someone else might take your spot. No fee can be refunded unless you have a testimonial from a veterinarian or doctor. You can sell your spot in a course to another dog owner, just contact me with the buyers information so I know who is coming on the course. 

Tornvinga Hundcenter can change dates in cases of illness. But my priority is to have the courses on all the fixed dates!

Strict dog owner responsibility applies during the courses. This means you have to have your dog under control so it can’t harm another being. If you are worried about not being able to handle your dog, private training might be more suitable for you!

Private training:

A registered booking is binding. No fees will be refunded. If you are unable to attend the training, we will reschedule the appointment. Cancellation must be 24hours before the designated time, after that  rescheduling is not possible. 


Still have any questions or concerns? Contact me at: 070-5910231.

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