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Tornvinga Hundcenter

A dream comes true. My name is Hanna Matsson and I’m a professional instructor and dog psychologist.  For my work,  my best friend and companion Dennis often joins me.  He’s a 6 year old rough collie who always wants to be part of my daily life. A life with animals, especially dogs, has always been a dream of mine and 2019, I finally dared to venture into the field. I started a professional education about dogs and their behaviors and what do to do when there are issues. 

Now I’m a business owner with focus on the relationship between dogs and their owners. It should be fun to have dogs - the goal is that we all can have a beautiful relationship with our pawed friends.  

In addition to being a dog trainer, I’m also an educated social worker – a profession which I have practiced since 2015. This means that I have experience in dealing with people in all sorts of situations including during difficult times of their lives. My philosophy is to have an open mind and to give anyone who consults me the feeling of being truly listened to.  

We at Tornvinga hundcenter!
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